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Big in Excursions

Big In Excursions is a top leader in the Tour Industry.  They have a great selection of excursions throughout South Florida.  There are so many wonderful attractions and things to do in Florida and Big in Excursions packages them in ways to help you enjoy them to the fullest.  They offer great rates with discounts you won’t find anywhere else.

You’ll find a team of professional excursion specialists, who do their best to make sure your excursion is an experience you’ll never forget.  There are tours of Miami available that take place on land, skydiving from the air or parasailing on water.  Whatever excursion you choose, it will be planned to perfection by their excursion experts. 

Visit their website to find incredible deals in Florida, then pack your camera and sunscreen and get ready for fun and excitement.

Miami City Tours

The Miami City Tour is a guided bus tour that will take you to various popular locations and attractions.  On this tour, you can look forward to visiting the famous South Beach area of Miami.  With its historic district, beautiful beaches and pumping nightlife, you’ll enjoy eating at a fabulous restaurant and viewing the impressive skyscrapers, museums and shopping centers of downtown Miami. A special stop on the tour is Little Havana. Get a taste of Cuba without crossing the border.

Miami City Tours

Everglades Tour

Get ready for a tour of the Everglades, a truly one of a kind national park.  Hop onto an airboat and head out into the marshlands of Everglades National Park for a unique thrill ride. Not only will you get to spend hours getting a one of a kind look at nature, but you will also get to see an educational show, which will teach you about the history and ecology of the Everglades. Wildlife experts accompany the tour and provide you with information as you get a glimpse at the wild and exotic animals, such as gators, the manatees, maybe even one of the 68 endangered species that call the Everglades their home. There is no better way to see the stunning sights inside these treasured wetlands.

Everglades  Tour

Miami Seaquarium Tour

Learn about the fascinating creatures that swim beneath the surface of the ocean at The Miami Seaquarium. The oldest oceanarium in the United States, it is home to a wild array of aquatic creatures from all around the globe. On this tour, you’ll follow your friendly, bilingual guide to see an overabundance of great shows featuring Lolita the Killer Whale, Flipper’s soaring acrobatics, and Salty the Magical Sea Lion. You will be introduced to manatees, sharks, dolphins, sea lions, and seals, as you learn about these amazing sea creatures.

Miami Seaquarium Tour

Big Bus Tours

Enjoy the best of Miami with a sightseeing tour from Big Bus Tours. The hop-on, hop-off service allows you to sit back, relax and take in all of Miami’s famous landmarks from the comfort of open-top buses. There are 20 locations where you can get off the bus to visit attractions and monuments or explore places of interest. You will see all the most exciting and attractive areas such as South Beach, Coral Gables, Downtown Miami, Little Havana, Coconut Grove and more. You will see iconic buildings and monuments like the Freedom Tower, Vizcaya Museum and the Versace Mansion, as well as a visit to the Art Deco District.

Big Bus Tours